socks/tights quality control - verify tights sizes and avoide disputes thanks to volumetric forms

Forms to control the wearability of the different sizes of tights in order to avoid disputes..
The different forms are made with standard european measures.
These forms are made from a 3 mm. aluminum sheet so the stretch of the tights can be controlled in the specific points.
Also the table is made of a 5 mm. aluminun sheet, it has antivibrant, adjustable in height bases. The table has 5 forms turning holders To control all the sides of the tight.

Girl Available sizes:
3/6 months, 6/12 months, 12/18 months, 18/24 months, 3/4 years
4/6 years, 7/8 years, 8/10 years, 11/12 years, 13/14 years

Woman Available sizes:
1°(40/42)  2°(42/44)  3°(44/46)  4°(46/48)  5°(48/50)

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