Pre-boarding machine for hosiery companies
The TermoCollant is a patented device which allows pre-boarding directly on the circular knitting machine, just before stockings are ejected, in a totally automated manner. This innovative device had already been presented to the public the first time during the International Fair Fimast 2012.

At 3 years after the market launch, the innovation continues. Following the new investments in research and development and in collaboration with a major hosiery company in Castel Goffredo area (Italy), we are pleased to present the new improvements made to the new version of TermoCollant.

  1. Reduction of heat dispersion thanks to the new thermal insulating system that keeps the heat inside the machine more efficiently. This prevents heat dispersions in the engine room and grants lower power consumption.
  2. Temperature setting constant and precise thanks to a thermostat which now works in centigrade degrees (from 30°C up to 90°C) and it is controlled by a probe placed inside the device.
  3. Uniform temperature distribution thanks to the heat distribution through all interior walls.
  4. New seamless gasket mounted between the frame and the bottom panel (the "door" to eject stockings) to prevent possible loss of pressure.

This improved TermoCollant version has already found favour both of hosiery companies, as GT Calze, and circular knitting machines manufactures, as Da Kong, who have already had the opportunity to install the TermoCollant on their machines and to field test these improvements.