Imagine the benefits of a solution that avoids the autoclave pre-fixing...

Then add the guarantee of a stockings quality uniform and always at the top!

We are pleased to announce our new invention that allows pre-boarding directly on the circular knitting machine, just before the pantyhose is ejected, in a totally automated manner. The Termocollant was presented at the trade show FIMAST 2012.

Pre-boarding machine for hosiery circular knitting machine.

Pre-boarding of pantyhose - for hosiery circular knitting machine
Test Termocollant (March 2012)
Termocollant tests (December 2013)

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This invention allows pre-boarding directly on the hosiery circular knitting machine, just before they are unloaded, without any additional use of manpower because the process is automated.

The pre-boarding takes place through infrared heating with electronic adjustment of the temperature, which varies depending on the products to be treated. We conducted a study to specifically identify the wavelength and power of the lamp suited to the thermo-shrinkage of the pantyhose. In this way it is anticipated the natural shrinkage of the pantyhose, which occurs already after 45-60 seconds of heat treatment, avoiding the risk of pull threads.

  • is reduced the risk of uneven shrinkage, as can happen with the pre-fixing in the autoclave due to the weight of the overlying pantyhoses which prevents those towards the bottom to move freely during the heat-shrinking.
  • It avoids that due to the pre-fixing steam, which occurs at higher temperatures, in the autoclave are fixed folds which would make more difficult the subsequent boarding.
  • Thanks to the air flow and the action of infrared rays, with the pre-boarding using Termocollant, occurs the evaporation of the lubricating oil. In this way improves the quality of the dyeing since it avoids stains due to residual oil in the yarn.

We were able to verify that the pre-boarding by means of the use of Termocollant, instead of sending the stockings in an autoclave, facilitates the subsequent operations and considerably reduces waste thanks to a decrease in both of the pull threads that of oil stains.

Its application is suitable for all circular knitting machines with anti-twist device and doesn't need any modification; to install just supply power and program the time intervals of the puff for the ejection of pantyhose.
For tights that do not require pre-boarding is sufficient to turn off the infrared lamp and the device works by ejecting the stockings without pre-borading treatment.

Technical data:
Dimensions: 50 x 15 x 16 cm
Weight: 4.5 Kg
Power supply: 220 V
Maximum power 0.3 kW

Warranty: 24 months

The Termocollant is an innovative machine that allows to spend less for the process of pre-stretching of the stockings, making it directly and automatically on the circular machine.
Tests carried out have also found a better yarn quality compared to traditional treatment

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