Steam Cabinet is a versatile machine for steam boarding, available in two different versions: one for socks steam boarding and the other for tights steam boarding.

Steam Rotor Cabinet - Socks
The machine is suitable for the steam boarding of all sorts of socks of the different types of yarn:
  • Pure wool
  • Mixed wool
  • Cotton
  • Acrylic fibers
  • Synthetic fibers

This machine allows a great boarding thanks to the steam boarding made at 5 bar.
A continuous operating cycle it's possible thanks to a rotating glass door: the boarding leg forms are fixed to the rotating system, so that while a set of socks is located within the steam chamber and it's boarded, the other set of forms is located outside, allowing the operator to remove the socks freshly boarded and prepare the next ones.

Working times
Steam and ventilation times vary in accordance to the type and quality of the yarn and can be set through digital control panel (up to 9 programs can be set). Times can be varied from a minimum of 10 seconds to a maximum of 180 seconds. Thanks to the long and adaptable treatment times, it's achieved a great steam boarding quality together with a good productivity since 12 or 18 socks (depending on the version) are treated simultaneously and not only 1 or 2 at a time, as it happens with other machines for steam pressing currently on the market.

In accordance to the type of yarn, the output vary from 350 to 200 boarded pairs per hour. The average productivity is of 250 pairs/h.

Boarding leg forms
The machine can be used both with rounded forms (24 or 36 leg forms per machine) or with flat forms. the rounded forms are very similar to the electrically heated ones, but have no elements inside.
For the flat forms minimum thickness of 4 mm is recommended.
Forms are fixed to the machine in a very simple manner, through a pin fixed to the boarding form. In this way boarding forms can then be easily replaced.
Because the leg forms rotate together with the support bars, socks can be easily removed after the boarding and replaced.

Please note that in this video is running the boarding machine Steam Rotor Cabinet - Tights version, but the mode of operation is exactly the same.
Quality control
Thanks to the position of the forms it's also possible to check without effort both sides of socks, to make sure that the quality is optimal.

Technical data
The machine measures 1550 x 1150 mm and height 2000 mm with a weight of 200 kg (250 kg including generator, located inside the machine). As an option, an aluminum table placed in front of the set of forms that is located outside the steam room, so as to facilitate and speed up operations.
The machine is usually supplied with electric boiler of 12 kW.

Voltage: 380V (on request also 220V three-phase)
Ventilator fan motor: 0.75 KW
Suction motor: 0.6 KW
Electric resistance at the base of the floor (optional): 0.3 KW (prevents condensation)
Steam pressure: 5 bar
Compressed air pressure: 5 bar
Weight: 200 Kg (250 Kg with electric boiler)
Compressed air consumption: 6 L/h
Please note that in this video is running the boarding machine Steam Rotor Cabinet - Tights version, but the mode of operation is exactly the same.

Electric steam generator H1 located inside the boarding machine (recommended)
Steam pressure: 5 bar
Max power: 12 KW
Steam production: 20 Kg/h
Capacity: 23 L (on request available also 20 L)

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