Imagine the benefits of a solution that avoids the autoclave pre-fixing...

PFX COLLANT, the 2nd generation automated pre-fixing system, will presented at the trade show FIMAST 2018.

Automated pre-boarding directly on the circular knitting machine

Pantyhoses pre-boarding - for hosiery circular knitting machine
PFX COLLANT is a patented pre-fixing device to be applied directly on the circular knitting machine. The PFX COLLANT allows pre-boarding of stockings directly on the circular knitting machine, just before they will be ejected. This process works in a totally automated manner.

The pre-boarding takes place in a heated room and the temperature, controlled by a probe inside the device, can be set from 30°C to 110°C depending on the products to be treated. In this way, the natural shrinkage of stockings is anticipated, avoiding the risk of pulled threads. Moreover, PFX COLLANT has a double insulation which retains the heat inside and allows a very low power consumption: just 50 Watt/h at 90°C.

Numerous tests highlighted the great reduction of uneven shrinkage risk, thanks to the unique treatment each stocking undergone. Before reaching knitting machine ejection device, each stocking stops inside the PFX COLLANT for the whole time the next one is being knitted. In this way, ejected stockings are already prefixed and ready for the following operations, avoiding the need of autoclave treatment.

This device is suitable for all circular knitting machines.

In summary:

Less wastes! (optimal stockings quality thanks to the new treatment system and the opportunity to reach up to 110°C)

Lean production process

Reduced operating costs (even half consumption than 1st generation automated pre-fixing system)

Technical data:
Weight: 9.5 kg
Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 17 cm
Power supply: 230 V
Maximum power: 0.25 kW

Warranty: 24 months