Socks boarding machine with automatic unloading system by racket: quality and productivity together!

Informative video - In this case is represented a Rotostiro SC24: the only difference from Rotostiro SC20 is the number of boarding forms (24 instead of 20) and obviously in dimensions.
A refined automatic unloading system with racket, which perfectly adapt also to high quality (and delicate) yarns, allowing the best achievable result.

The Rotostiro SC20E with automatic unloading by means of a racket, thanks to their interchanging techniques of boarding, can achieve excellent results independently from the kind of yarn which constitutes the socks.

Rotostiro SC20E uses an electric boarding boarding system with electronic control that can grant a boarding proper to the different exigencies required by the fiber which constitutes the yarn used for the tissue.
This machine is particularly adapt to exalt the softness, that is the most important characteristic in the case of sport socks and to underline the qualities of the finished product.

The wide choice in the electronic regulating in the boarding system can grant excellent results even in the case of Lycra socks, which require specifically low temperature.

Rostostiro SC20E needs only one operator thanks to the automatic unloading system. The operator has only to thread the socks on the boarding forms. The position inline of the boarding forms renders the operation extremely natural and easy and enables the worker to check promptly any possible defect on both sides of the sock.

Technical data Rotostiro SC20 E:
Automatic sock boarding machine (electric heating)
Weight: 850 Kg
Dimensions: 3500 x 2100 x 2500
Number of boarding forms: 20
Max operating cycle: 3 seconds
Max operating capacity: 50 dozens of pairs/hour
Staff employed: 1
Air pressure: 6 bar
Voltage: 380V - 50hz
Boarding form voltage: 220 V
Power: 8 Kw
Electric consumption: 6 kWh

Video of the machine: Rotostiro SC24 and SC20 - automatic boarding machines

We inform you that we don't produce again the Rotostiro SC20 V (steam boarding version) and we replace it with our new steam boarding machines: Alternatively, it's also possible to use an electric machine with wetting and centrifuged socks to ironing also the most valuable classic socks.
For this " steam boarding effect" it's possible the use of the Rotostiro R24 or Rotostiro SC 20/24 E.
The wet socks at contact with the form with a temperature over 100°C (373K) transform dampness in steam with a lower electric consumption (4.5 KWh!) allowing a great quality result.