The automated electric boarding of socks: productivity and savings

The research for absolute quality supplies has long since become part of the Elletrotermica F.lli Mucchetti's philosophy; all this to guarantee always a perfect and safe functioning of the machines.

An innovation in the electric boarding machines for socks is represented by the Rotostiro with automatic unloading, like the Rotostiro SC12.

This machine is the synthesis of high technological research, combined with a perfect automation quality; all this to allow an absolutely precise and constanct automatized unloading together with high production.

The use of only 12 electric forms makes the Rotostiro SC12 an extremely economical machine.
Its average electricity consumption stays within 3 KWh, whereas for the compressed-air, thanks to an innovative linear-unit, is limited to 300 liters/hour.

As for the size they're also reduced: in fact the Rotostiro SC12 measures in millimeters 1750 x 1250 x 2450, making its installation possible in any room.

The high average daily production of the Rotostiro SC12 allows, with the aid of ONLY ONE OPERATOR, a production of 400 dozens in 8 working hours.

Automatic electric socks boarding machine
The electric boarding is constantly checked by an electronic system that, with great precision, maintains the same temperature of all the boarding forms, avoiding at the same time the problem of pairing, with a considerable saving of time in the last making-up of socks.
Specially for the sport and tennis socks this kind of boarding, doesn't require any external pressure on the socks, allows to maintain that vaporosity necessary to the product for its best final presentation.

The unloading system with NEEDLES, perfectly adapt for SPORT and tennis socks, can be substituted with an as much refined automatic unloading system with RACKET, for HIGH QUALITY men and boys socks.

All the ROTOSTIROs are built with the best reliably solution, doing away with any kind of servicing and greasing. Both engine and electronic sistem are specially treated so that they can avoid any problem due to dampness. Now the electric boarding forms are issued with armored resistances that allow even long period of storage without having dampness affect their functioning. Throughout the planning and building of the Rotostiro SC12 and all the other machines, we are always very careful in following the new european safety parameters.
Every single machine we produce is submitted to prolonged and attentive technical testing before the final delivery to the customer with the EC marking on it.

Technical data Rotostiro SC20 E:
Weight: 560 Kg
Dimensions: 1750 x 1250 x 2450
Number of boarding forms: 12
Max operating capacity: 50 dozens of pairs/hour
Staff employed: 1
Voltage: 380V - 50hz
Boarding form voltage: 220 V
Electric consumption: 3 kWh

Warranty: 2 years