Boarding machines for socks with low energy consumption

Rotostiro R12/E with boarding formsUsing the ROTOSTIROS, the operator can work while the forms are temporarily motionless.
The dwell time can be fixed in seconds with a computerized board, wich also enables us to see exactly how many dozens have been produced.

Temperature adjustment for all types of yarn
The temperature of the forms is kept exact and constant by sophisticated electronic cards, which allow a perfect boarding of every kind of yarn. Above all it is particularly right for the acrylic-yarn just because we can have the drassing also with a temperature of 60 degrees.
The temperature of the boarding forms can be set from 30°C to 180°C.
In the basic version the electronic card adjusts the percentage of the maximum power. As optional is possible use electronic cards which adjust directly the temperature in Celsius degrees.
The computerized board, as the temperature adjustment cards, give dwell times and an always precise boarding; in this way we have no more the problem of the right pairing, realizing a considerable saving of time, and an improvement in the quality of the boarding.

Low energy consumption
The low consumption of electric energy has a great importance, as it is the half in comparison with the consumption of the traditional electric forms.

Electric consumption of the rotostiro R12/E: 2,5 Kwh
Electric consumption of the rotostiro R24/E: 5 Kwh

Rotostiro R 24/E: a steam boarding economic
It's possible the use of the Rotostiro R24 E to boarding wet (and centrifuged) socks obtaining in this way a steam pressing: the moisture of the sock in contact with the electrical form at temperatures above 100°C turns into steam and crosses the sock from the inside towards the outside.
This type of pressing is also suitable for the most valuable classic socks, with costs of the machine and energy consumption significantly lower than using traditional machinery for steam ironing.

Two operators can produce 60 dozens in an hour. If desired, you can use the machine also with a single operator.

Quality and experience
The Rotostiro are made with absolute quality materials and respecting the brand CЄ, thus eliminating any type of maintenance and greasing. Siemens motors and gearboxes Bonfiglioli of our Rotostiro, we produce more than 80 years, are oversized and of the highest quality, to ensure the machine run for many years. Also with regard to the bearings our choice was to focus on quality and decided to use SKF bearings.
In addition there is a special treatment for the motor and the electronic system, in order to avoid any problem coming from humidity.

DIMENSIONS  R.24/E : 2.000 X 2.000 X 1.000
WEIGHT R.24/E: Kg 300 without forms

DIMENSIONS  R.12 /E : 1.300 X 1.300 X 1.000
WEIGHT R.12/E: Kg 150 without forms

The ROTOSTIROS  R. /12 and R. /24 have two works-benches.
WARRANTY: two years both for the ROTOSTIROS and the forms.

See the boarding machine Rotostiro R12 while working:
Video ROTOSTIRO R 12 & R 24 - Electric boarding machines