Our electric socks boarding machines

You will evaluate the technical specifications and descriptions of our electric machines for the boarding of socks. Click on the picture below.

Boarding table with electric boarding forms for socks

Boarding table completed with electric boarding forms

Different sizes of ironing tables are provided. You can buy boarding tables with 4 - 6 - 8 - 12 thermostatic or electronic bases.

rotostiro R 24 E with electric forms for man

Electric boarding forms

The electrics forms, provided with a voltage of 200/240 V or 48 V, over the standard models ( baby, children, man, woman,) can also be made starting from your measure or drawing.

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Thermostatic base

Thermostatic or electronic bases

In the ironing using electric boarding forms, the adjustment of the temperature and the passage of electricity to the boarding forms is due to the thermostatic or electronic bases.

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